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The adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" refers to the idea that an image may be more influencial than the substancial amount of text it would take to convey the same message (perfect example). It characterizes the concept of Visualization, the techniques used when creating images, diagrams and animations to communicate a message, and for a viewer to absorb large amounts of data quickly.

Alongside the critical role played by good design is the importance of the 'message'. Whether this is the brand, a slogan, the vision or mission statement - this message requires the same planning and design as any logo would. Font selection, font colors, and copyfitting decisions follow the initial creation of the content. My role has generally been to assist with reviewing content and editing suggestions, helping organize and combine areas of information to direct readers and viewers to specific content, but I can also assist in writing copy. Who knows your business better than you? However, sometimes that can also be a downside. Have you ever needed to have a doctor or mechanic just "say it in English?". There are times when someone who isn't as involved or knowledgeable about your subject can provide a better review of how well your message got across and how compelling was it?


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