About Me

I am a web developer with a background in graphic design and marketing. When not writing code, my interests turn to the old west, chili and trains. I do see a slight connection between coding HTML, PHP and combining just the right blend of spices and peppers when making a pot of chili, and I guess chili is connected to the old west…and there you go — trains.

If you’ve never had to write code, feel fortunate, but if you’ve never had the chance to drive down through Oklahoma or across Texas, Arizona or New Mexico, there’s something about the West that you won’t find anywhere else. There’s deep rooted history in each state and a hard to explain feeling when visiting the land of the Dineh.

And then there’s the chili… a state without definitive borders. Will Rogers called it a “bowl of blessedness”, I just call mine “good”. Chili is much like web development — it’s got it’s own language, there’s at least two factions and [trains] of thought. With chili you have the International Chili Society [ICS] and the Chili Appreciation Society International [CASI]. Basically the anti bean and the pro-bean sides. With web development, we now have the Flash and Non-Flash [trains] of thought, although the separation has been created by delivery of content on devices such as iPhones, tablets and an increase in mobile technologies.

The train interest — not quite sure. All I can say is if you ever get the chance to take the mountain ride up in the Dandenongs outside of Melbourne, or the Durango and Silverton you’ll join me. But even if it’s not an old steam train, there’s something about watching a Union Pacific pulling 75 cars. Maybe a curse word or two as the guard rails begin to come down before you made it across and now you’ve got no choice but to watch the train go by. It’s amazing how little has actually changes over more than a century. Passenger rail has seen changes in both it’s role as well as technological advancements, but freight trains operate very similar to how they’ve done it for years. Of course, no one is shoveling coal or wood into the boiler, but electric and diesel locomotives have been around since the early 1900’s. So, if this hasn’t sparked an interest in hoping aboard an Amtrak, as I don’t recommend the Boxcar Willie approach trying to hop a freight, then the next time you visit San Francisco, New Orleans, Memphis or a host of other cities across the U.S. and overseas — take a ride on a street car and you’ll understand.