I have personally hosted pages with several other hosting companies in the past prior to discovering Lunarpages. By far they are the best. Review plans and/or sign up using the link below. A limited time offer of 15% off applies. Use coupon code: aff15off when completing the sign up form to receive this discount.

Lunarpages : Web Hosting : Basic Plan

When reviewing the Lunarpages hosting plans and comparing to other hosting services, there are a number of key factors to consider; Bandwidth/Storage/Email/the ability to add and install 3rd Party Scripts and Apps — and support when required. Compare the Lunarpages Basic Plan against one offered by GoDaddy or other services and you may find that to get an equal amount of bandwidth or number of databases, the prices are very different.

A couple suggestions when signing up:

select Basic Hosting Plan (Linux)
select 24/month plan as the minimum — a 5/yr plan is better. How long do you plan on keeping your website? If at least for five years, select that option. Prices will only go up.
de-select private registration ($ add-on). This can always be added later, but only applies if you want to hide your name and email from the public as owner of the domain name.
no additional add-on features are required
email me if I can assist in the process in any way.